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In a desolate future world ruled by a military dictatorship known as the Alliance, a team of mercenaries become unlikely heroes when they are marked for death...

Take on the role of Alpha Squad: Clint, Jin, Lynx and their disposable sidekick Lackey, as they fight their way across the world searching for who put the price on their heads.

Alpha Squad is an adventure game that has mechanics primarily used in dual-stick shooters, to keep the action fast and heavy as you explore the world and its characters.


∙ An engaging storyline that delves into the issues surrounding Alpha Squad and the world in which they live. Play by yourself or with a friend... or three!

∙ A customizable progress path. You choose what levels you want to complete, which in turn affects the way the story progresses.

∙ A large world, with challenges ranging from exploratory missions to small arenas, creating a level of game play depth to provide hours of entertainment.

∙ Unforgettable weapons, ranging from staples such as the Rocket Launcher to new behemoths such as the Black Hole Cannon.

∙ Music provided by the incredible Stemage of Metroid Metal coupled with the beautiful artwork of industry veterans: Gonzalo Ordóñez, a contributor to UDON's fantastic Street Fighter Encyclopedia artwork, Pritesh Rane the talented character sprite animator and "Ektanadu", our mysterious background artist with several completed professional titles.

∙ Secrets hidden throughout the game providing entertainment away from the core storyline and perhaps with unintended consequences.

∙ A four player Arena mode, challenging players to survive waves of enemies on random levels.

∙ Local and online gameplay in both the Story Mode and Arena Mode.

∙ A special guest high score set by well known world record holder of several arcade games, John McAllister.

..and much more!


Release Trailer

Teaser Trailer

Game play reveal!
Here is our first video of game play, taken straight from our contest "Alpha" demo.